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Kerry in her studio

A quick peek into the art studio to see Kerry painting ‘Cheeky Cat’ artwork.

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Digital Marketing Freelancer

A seasoned marketer familiar with digital trends with a well-rounded background and a passion for digital marketing, visual design and strategy. Enthralled by the power of digital, striving to guide local businesses with your online marketing strategy, Google Ads, social media, website design & management, SEO and email marketing to improve your online presence to attract more leads.

As a visual artist, with a love to brighten places by using cheerful original artworks on canvas, also being commissioned for works brings immense joy, seeing another person’s vision come to life. 2021 is the year to explore the various shades of Australia’s sunsets and pieces that are meaningful to you (realistic and artistic abstracts, animals, people, trees and art for kids bedrooms).

With experience in disability, economic development, education, government, manufacturing, not for profit, recruitment, training and small business, across media, marketing and communication roles. Being creative in thinking and design, brings a connection between art and writing ads or content for websites, with warm, clear and friendly communication.

Freeing up your time and mind to sort your digital marketing so you can concentrate on what you love in your business. Working with local businesses on a project basis or a regular weekly basis, providing flexibility so you can choose the best option to suit your business model. Please feel welcome to email kerry@kerryt.com.au and check out the website with examples of art and further information on freelance marketing services.

Welcome to KerryT’s artworks

Explore and immerse yourself in the colour and vibrancy of each indivdual piece of art.

Kerry’s artistic journey spans decades and across an array of creative mediums. From individually hand painted clothing to acrylics on wall canvas, Kerry has explored an assortment of artistic techniques to find her niche.

With a multitude of tools at Kerry’s fingertips, she can liberate her artistic cravings through the use of bold colours and unique textures. Each aesthetically pleasing design has been created with passion and exploration, resulting in a one-of-a-kind composition.

Kerry says, “Creativity is a journey into my soul. By creating pieces of art I am inviting the viewer to join me on my artistic expedition.”

By exploring the artwork presented here you are taking the first step towards the KerryT experience.

Kerry’s artworks can be viewed at:

The Duke of Brunswick Hotel
207 Gilbert Street
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

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