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Kerry can work with your business to manage your Google Ads.

Want more people to know about your business?

Advertising ensures more people are aware of your business and the products or services you are offering. More and more people are online these days so digital advertising is a strong option.

What is Google Ads?

You may have heard many names such as Google Advertising, Google Ads, Google AdWords, Pay Per Click – where you pay to have your website appear at the top of Google search results for specific keywords.

If you are a water filter company in Marion you might want to pay to appear at the top of search engine results for keywords “water filter replacement marion”. You only pay when a potential client clicks on your ad using your paid link, hence the term ‘Pay Per Click’.

Why use Google Ads?

Reach your target audience

On every screen with innovative ad formats.

Performance always measured

Your return on investment is captured in the reporting.


Choose a budget to suit your business.

Connect with customers

Wherever they are watching, playing or searching.

Diverse ad options

Can be successful for most business types.

Compete in your industry

Learn your industry then adjust to compete.

How much will Google Ads cost?

Depending on the industry you are in, can determine the amount each click will cost you. This can be a big decider for your overall spend. There is no way to determine click cost or ideal budget without knowing more about your business. Clicks tend to cost more in competitive industries where many businesses are competing for a top search result. The smaller, more niche industries, tend to cost less as fewer businesses are paying for the position at the top of the page.

If you’re unsure where your business sits, and you want to have a quick chat to get a better idea contact Kerry to book an appointment.

Kerry’s commitment to you

Kerry is committed to achieving results for your business, and promises to be reliable, honest and transparent with a flexible professional service.

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