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Adored scenery painted onto canvas can treat you to a lovely artistic experience every day to add joy in your life.

There was no thought of a possible award win when Kerry saw an exhibition opportunity on social media for the Eudunda 150 celebration. Only about 100km from her home in Adelaide, Kerry took this artist challenge to attempt to paint five artworks to touch the hearts of people who lived in this region. The theme of the exhibition ‘What Eudunda means to me’ added further interest which Kerry was enthused to embrace.

In the end during this short time frame of five weeks, Kerry was able to complete four artworks. That elusive fifth artwork didn’t eventuate, but plenty more ideas came to mind.

A drive to the Eudunda township and surrounds allowed Kerry to take her own photos of fields, countryside, livestock and a couple of buildings. These photos, taken on her iPhone gave Kerry a feel for the area. Looking back on this field trip, Kerry felt that she could have given herself more time and taken more photos, but that’s a learning curve now for the next encounter. For this experience, there were still enough subjects for enough paintings but next time with a lot more photos, there could possibly be more ideas and more flexibility within the theme. You can zoom in on the photos that you take to get crisper topics.

Sheep and goats in a field, some fields from one angle from the outskirts of Eudunda, then chosen countryside from another angle all provided topics. The countryside around this area during September when the field trip was taken, is lush green and yellow with canola fields, which was great for the colours.

Being more of a fan of bright greens, Kerry loved mixing phthalo blue with designer yellow in the Matisse paint range, using raw sienna for the brown with Payne’s grey for the darker effects, then white of course. Throughout the four artworks Kerry used this limited palette, mixing all the tones throughout the four paintings.

Her idea of coordinating all artworks meant that if someone wanted to buy all four paintings, which Kerry considered a dream, they would all coordinate with each other giving a consistent colour palette in the one house or workplace, because they all were painted with the same base colours that would harmonise with each other.

Eudunda Countryside

“I’ve been looking and looking at your canvas, and the more I look at it, the more I like it. I love the drama in the skies, the gently rolling hills, and the gorgeous yellow canola field”

This feedback from the buyer of ‘Eudunda Countryside’ was greatly appreciated. Truly inspirational words for an artist who cares how her clients engage with her artworks. The goal when painting these artworks was to represent the beauty of the Eudunda area.

Eudunda buddies
(Highly Commended, awarded to an artwork considered highly meritorious)

A dramatic background for two sheep and two goats who cohabitate in a yard at the end of the main street. This artwork was given a surreal background compared to the others.

Main Street Sheep

One sheep chosen to paint with an abstract background. Capturing the overcast sky was taken to another level with a little speck of blue sky popping out, shining through.

Eudunda Field

Dreamy fields of various shades with a beautiful sky breaking upon them.

There was plenty of wonderful outcomes that resulted from this collection. Kerry was blown away with the sale of her biggest artwork considering the caliber of the art displayed. Receiving an art award was something Kerry did not expect at all, so she has now been totally inspired with enthusiasm to paint much more, enter more galleries and exhibitions while exploring the process of it all.

Kerry felt ‘this award seems life changing’

• Truly feeling it
• Totally inspired
• Fully committed
• Taking each step at a time
• Didn’t expect this
• Facing the challenges

An artistic interpretation of the scenes you love can present you with another perspective that possibly might take your breath away.

If you have an adored scene, you would like painted then a chat with Kerry could make it all happen for you…