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What’s in it for a business owner to collaborate with an artist?

During my 2021 SALA exhibition a group of business owners visited to see the artworks of four local artists and hear how they might be able to bring art to their business.

Thanks goes to Wendy Perry from Switch Start Scale who invited business owners from her network to visit to see our artworks and hear from me about opportunities to collaborate with artists. Afterwards we went to lunch where I delivered another speech about how their business might benefit from Google advertising.

I put my suit on and spoke to the group to encourage them to support local artists.

Art comes in all forms

  • Original paintings
  • Prints of original paintings
  • Linocut prints
  • 3D art/sculpture
  • Photography
  • Clothing
  • Masks

After introducing the formats that art can come in I moved on to talk about –

Why should I bring art to my business?

  • Art has an intrinsic value enabling us to process life on the deepest level
  • Enhance the well-being and health of yourself, your staff and your clients
  • Art stimulates us creatively which makes us more productive
  • Art can speak so subtly that it forces us to think more deeply, feel more fully, engage more wholeheartedly
  • You can link your business with innovative and creative thinking
  • A business that involves itself with vibrancy can retain and grow their talent
  • Add value to your corporate brand by supporting local artists

The following list was created to encourage business owners with ideas to inspire…

7 ways you can bring art to your business

  1. Sponsor an artist to build positive connections, attitudes and values to target audiences
  2. Offer grants
  3. Exhibit an artist’s paintings to your clients – eg. SALA exhibition or Staff exhibition
    • Rotate more than one artist’s artworks
    • A team of artists
    • Minimal outlay
    • Win win for artist and business
    • Possibly earn a commission on sales
  4. Purchase artworks and decorate your facility with your chosen décor
    • If you see an artwork that suits your facility then snap it up
    • Quick and instant
  5. Commission artwork/s
    • Bring your vision to life in the colour and size you want
    • You can have input and a certain amount of control of the artwork
  6. Buy an artwork as a gift for a valued client, staff member, supporter
  7. Buy an artwork as an award for a valued staff member or client

Would you like to add any ideas to these examples? I would love to supply you with artwork for your idea…