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You might ask where Kerry meets people who want their pets painted as she has painted quite a few animals and people’s pets along the way.

Earlier this year at a social event Kerry was invited to exhibit at a local cat judging show, as her new friend suspected she could reach a lot of potential clients there. Apparently, people who show their valuable pets, often love to have an artistic impression to keep forever.

Lucky to have met the parents of Cami and Humph at this first cat show along with Humph himself, the slightly larger cat on the right in the painting, Kerry was able to feel a genuine connection with both Humph and his parents.

How this commission unfolded was that Kerry followed up via email and all the booking details were confirmed. It wasn’t long before a number of photos were emailed through. It’s not always easy to coax your cat into the perfect pose for the ultimate portrait together.

Two photos taken individually of each, Cami and Humph, that looked quite complimentary to each other, would finally allow the commission painting process to move forward. With Kerry’s digital graphic design skills she was able to remove the background of each photo and mock up a layout. This was approved by the parents and the next stage began.

When transferring the outline of both cats, Kerry made sure to match the mock-up that had been approved with the layout of the painting.

Nine paint colours and six various shape/size brushes were chosen to start the painting process.

Eyes are especially important, so Kerry generally starts painting those first, understanding that there will be many layers of various colours to finalise them.

So many details, so much fun, so pretty…

Early into the painting process there was a moment where fear took over and Kerry doubted herself. She felt that she would not be able to capture the true beauty of both these beautiful cats.

Nothing more than a break, and a night’s sleep helped. Kerry re-saw the vision of how she would proceed then pulled herself together and the paint flowed, bringing truly delicious colour mixes together.

Astounded by how she could move forward with a thoroughly stunning painting again. Laying paint shades out on her palette like she normally does, Kerry found her full confidence again. Raw umber, raw sienna and burnt umber appeared to be the browns needed and there was no need to panic anymore, but the panic was there for a few minutes. Isn’t it amazing how we can doubt ourselves so quickly in a sheer moment?

Humph was started first, but Kerry quickly moved on to paint Cami who she thought might be more complicated. That was true in a way, but Kerry seemed to get into the rhythm after her initial panic. Once in the rhythm the painting proceeded smoothly.

Once into the flow the paint did the work. Kerry fell in love with every brushstroke and completed an artwork that was adored by all who viewed it including the parents of Cami and Humph.

“That’s fantastic. Please don’t change a thing!!
You’ve captured them perfectly.”

Another commission completed and Kerry feels the energy to approach many more…

Don’t be shy, contact Kerry about a commission you’ve always longed for…

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